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Sea Princes Nobles 576 CY - Commodore Adolphus Grayfin

Welcome back Greyhawkers to another installment of my Hold of the Sea Princes 576 CY nobles. To see my previous NPC profiles please visit Best of Greyhawkery page, or for a preview of my entire slate of buccaneer nobles download Oerth Journal #32 for my article, the Unconquered Hold of the Sea Princes. Until then, enjoy!

His Peerless Nobility, Adolphus Grayfin, Commodore of Flotsam Isle; Terror of the Densac Gulf, Captain of the Paragon. (House Moretto, Toli Armada, Fighter 15)
Adolphus Grayfin has waged many sea-battles over his career. The old commodore is still considered the terror of the high seas, but at home he is a hopeless romantic, currently on his third marriage; this time to Trina of Sasserine (Cleric of Lydia 5), a noblewoman half his age. Commodore Grayfin has always resided in comfort on an estate a few hours inland from the port of Poniard. This sprawling old ranch has belonged to his family for over a century; its quiet orchards, marble walls, and private cemetery hold many secrets. 
Politics and Intrigues: Adolphus is one of a trio of commodores that by threat of force and will power, keep order in the squabbling House of Peers. Commodore Grayfin’s vaunted warship The Paragon has been docked at Poniard more than its been at sea for the last couple years, however. Adolphus was once the leader of the entire Toli Armada, but age has forced him to now defer to Commodore Edrin Hollister of Fairwind Isle. Adolphus’ newest wife is suspected of manipulating the commodore to some end by his adult children, all of whom are older than their stepmother Trina.
Commodore Grayfin makes a good benefactor for characters seeking swashbuckling adventure on the high seas or those wishing to captain a crew for his large fleet of ships. Grayfin may be old but politically he can open a lot of doors for PCs in the Hold. He also has years’ worth of knowledge concerning the islands and inhabitants of the south seas.
House of Peers in the Sea Princes
The Hold of the Sea Princes comprises thirty domains, divided amongst a dozen noble houses. A few of these houses can trace their lineage back hundreds of years to the first Suel migrations, while most are merely fabricated hereditary titles of pirate captains who settled down a century ago. While the Hold is currently ruled by the Prince of Monmurg, the Prince of Port Toli has led the House of Peers for much of the Holds’ history. In political situations, the twelve houses are evenly divided between naval factions called the Princes’ Fleet and the Toli Armada. Those Sea Princes captains who choose to avoid house politics, nominally defer to a fleet named the Hold Flotilla in times of war.

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Dick McGee said...

What happened to the first two wives of this supposed hopeless romantic? Are they dead? Disappeared? Left him? There's a ten-level gap between him and Number Three. If he's been dragging vastly under-leveled spouses along on adventures while he's up in the teens it's hardly a surprise first two are out of the picture. :)