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Sea Princes Nobles 576 CY - Commodore Edrin Hollister

Greeting Greyhawkers! Today I present another installment of my Sea Princes Nobles 576 CY. This time I finish the set of three commodores of the isles with Edrin Hollister of Fairwind Isle. If you haven't seen my previous noble articles head to my Best of Greyhawkery section for that and much more! Enjoy!

His Valiant Lordship, Edrin Hollister, Commodore of Fairwind Isle; Vanguard of the Armada, Captain of the Sea Hammer. (House Toli, Toli Armada, Fighter 13)
The youngest of three commodores in the Hold, Edrin Hollister rose to prominence after winning several notable sea-battles. Edrin is an intense fighter and a tempestuous leader which serves him well in the company of Sea Princes nobility. The commodore is on his second marriage, presently with Gertrude of Port Toli (Fighter 1), the sister of Prince Varek IV. Hollister’s walled estate on Fairwind Isle is a busy, well-managed place as the commodore has fourteen children of varying age, many adopted or born out of wedlock. 
When not at Fairwind or in council at Monmurg, the commodore is often found aboard the indomitable Sea Hammer, the pride of the Toli Armada for being the oldest and strongest vessel since the sinking of the famed Sea Prince at the Battle of Jetsom Isle. In times of war, Commodore Hollister will command a medium-sized fleet, aided by the fleet of elder Commodore Grayfin of Flotsam Isle. 
Politics and Intrigues: Edrin Hollister is on good terms with the other commodores, who both have increasingly begun to defer to him in naval matters. Edrin is aware that his senior colleagues are more suited to politics than him, so he does not cause any waves. All is not well for the celebrated commodore, however. A growing number of mutinies among the Toli Armada to their enemy the Crimson Fleet has forced Hollister’s fleet to deal with the matter most severely. Meanwhile at home, Edrin’s oldest son Orlando ran off with the governor of Sybar’s daughter causing a minor scandal in the Hold (see the AD&D module Beyond the Crystal Cave).
Commodore Hollister makes a good contact for mid-level adventurers who need a base of operations in the Hold of the Sea Princes to launch their own nautical voyages or take on swashbuckling missions. Characters who pledge their own sailing vessel to the Toli Armada will certainly earn the respect of this ranking noble.
House of Peers in the Sea Princes
The Hold of the Sea Princes comprises thirty domains, divided amongst a dozen noble houses. A few of these houses can trace their lineage back hundreds of years to the first Suel migrations, while most are merely fabricated hereditary titles of pirate captains who settled down a century ago. While the Hold is currently ruled by the Prince of Monmurg, the Prince of Port Toli has led the House of Peers for much of the Holds’ history. In political situations, the twelve houses are evenly divided between naval factions called the Princes’ Fleet and the Toli Armada. Those Sea Princes captains who choose to avoid house politics, nominally defer to a fleet named the Hold Flotilla in times of war

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