Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Map: Where are the Rhennee

Hello Greyhawk mavens! On the heels of my Minimalist Darlene Map I have another "useless" Greyhawk map. I say it's useless because this current bit of humor comes from a discussion in the Greyhawk community about people making useful infographic maps, such a population density map which I've seen someone do remarkably well. I love infographics, heck I've done serious ones before, such as my Regional Resource Maps from a year ago. This new map, on Rhennee in the Flanaess uses the same stock map originally from the World of Greyhawk Folio. While it may be a joke to long time gamers such as myself, this easy-to-follow map may actually help readers new to the setting on where Rhennee boatmen can be found. Now, if someone wants to come along later and do a map of Rhennee seasonal barge traffic then I will tip my hat to you! Until then, enjoy!



David Leonard said...

Funny. I especially love the red and yellow bits.
Will there be Rhisian and Baklunish follow-up maps?

Anonymous said...

By the hair of Mazzel's chinny chin chin

ArtharntheCleric said...

Rhenee see Celene and die?!