Wednesday, November 30, 2022

New Greyhawk Regional Product Map

Welcome back Greyhawk readers! We have had a discussing going on the classic Regional Product map found in the 1983 Greyhawk setting books. I've always loved the runic symbols used to denote the resources found in each country. It's a quick and easy reference for a DM to know what can be found or traded in an area. The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer further expanded on this information by including new resources and elaborating on those already presented. In this post I'm not trying to go into more detail than what was done in the LGG. The purpose is to somehow merge two good sources into one easy referenced set of maps. 

There is only a few caveats and liberties taken, first being the map is set in 576 CY. The LGG is set in 591 CY so there is some variance in resource access and export for nations. Second, I did not adapt all the new referenced resources out of the LGG for the sake of brevity, indeed I combined the listing of some resources to save space, such as platinum and electrum, livestock and horses, or standard timber and rare wood. Third, I added the city of Sasserine from Savage Tide as a region. Its resources are based on the proximity of the Amedio Jungle and on info from the Savage Tide Players Guide. I feel the inclusion of Sasserine is important in better understanding the Hold of the Sea Princes and the south seas during 576 CY and beyond. Lastly, after some consultation, I made a few judgment calls concerning the lack of published goods or services out of the Wild Coast and Horned Society. The Vale of the Mage was removed and Lendor Isle while on the map, has been left blank for now. There is just too little trade or contact with these two places. Otherwise, the majority of the data should be listed as it's referenced in the published source. 

Feel free to voice your thoughts on this document and maybe in the future, a more comprehensive Flanaess product map can be constructed. Until then, enjoy the download!