Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Greyhawk Poetry Corner 2

Welcome back Greybeards! It seems the muse that is Lirr, goddess of poetry and art has struck again. On the forums over at the Greyhawk fansite Canonfire! there is a small thread going involving Greyhawk and D&D themed poetry. Give it a read, join in and make an offering to the goddess, or in the meantime read this sonnet that I discovered while passing through the Duchy of Urnst...

Ode to the Unopenable Doors

Unopenable Doors how you vex me,
Luring heroes to your warded threshold.
Only one party has the right Silver Key.
The rest of us are left out in the cold.
I tried searching in the ruins of Maure,
But there's no secret way, much less treasure.
With Passwall or Knock I did not get far.
Who called this a Fantastic Adventure?
How will I find the Tome of the Black Heart?
How will I battle the daemon Kerzit?
Unopenable Doors please spread apart.
Hell, you'd open if my name was Driz'zt!
Why, things couldn't be bleaker to get past,
Next I'll try to join Eli Tomorast!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Highlighting this for us, Mort. We at CF intend on making a Poetry Page for CF and would like to encourage ALL to participate and contribute their own poetry to the Page's growth. And yes, your very own "Ode to the Unopenable Doors" will be there! :D

And we are re-creating the CF Crier as a Canonfire blog, with a link in the top right corner of the Home Page, where everyone can go for the latest news, information and updates on the site's developments, as well as "the Game's." ;)

Mystic Scholar

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Mortellan! :)

Glad to see that you're both participating in the fun and encouraging more people to do so.



Gamerstable Eric said...

I know one group that wished they didn't open.

Mike Bridges said...

Mystic, Xaris: Anytime!

Araxo: LOL