Friday, September 16, 2011

New: Wonders of Ull (Oldskool Edition)

As previously reported, long time Greyhawk fan and co-conspirator, Braggi has been working on a monster 1e/2e conversion of my anthology of editionless Ull articles, titled aptly Wonders of Ull Oldskool Edition. I may be biased, but this PDF document is top-notch in my opinion. Not only does it pull together years worth of Ull gazetteer entries, monsters, magic, NPCs and adventure hooks, it also includes an all new old school hex map of the Ull region created by Braggi. In short Wonders of Ull Oldskool Edition contains everything you need to run a full campaign in this rugged unforgiving land (pre-Greyhawk Wars no less). 

Ah, but that's not all! Braggi has also provided bonus material, "reclaiming" the generic AD&D module I9: Day of Al'Akbar so that it works in the Baklunish West. Make no mistake, whatever edition you play, the gritty information in this document will be useful to any GM looking to spice up their World of Greyhawk game with an exotic Baklunish theme. Enjoy!


Mystic Scholar said...

Biased? You? Naw! Never! No way!

Well, maybe just a little . . . but just a little. ;)

James said...

Very, very Groovy!!! Thanks for posting this and thanks to the author!

Argon said...


Braggi has done a good job converting these works. Nice of you to have this here.

Theodric the Obscure said...

Cool. My thanks to Mort and Braggi.

Mike Bridges said...

I'm glad you all approve. Hopefully I'll be able to showcase more of Braggi's stuff in the future.

Braggi said...

Mort, I'll be only too happy to work on anything you care to share. I really enjoyed doing this one and your advice and encouragement were invaluable. Thanks!