Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Article: Enfrahl (Bone Demon)

Over at Canonfire!, prolific demon-scribe grodog has been kicking out more in his series, the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. First is a detailed account on the Demon Lord Orcus himself (in 1st edition stats). Then this follow up post covers a new summonable demon servant of Orcus, The Enfrahl. Grodog writes:

"The Enfrahl are surreal horrors created through the whimsy and caprice of the Lord of the Undead---a cross between ossified guardians, bone sculptures as performance art, and sentient, demonic knick-knacks, the enfrahl represent all that is twisted and grotesque in the imaginings of Orcus and his ilk.  That they are intelligent and aware is all the more damning….”  --- Iscladoc the Dark, from his _Commentaries on The Demonomicon_."

Anyone looking to explore more about the Prince of the Undead and his minions will find grodog's insights useful for their campaign. Enjoy!

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grodog said...

Thanks for the plug, Mike :D