Friday, November 8, 2013

Thor 2 and Marvel on TV

Not a Greyhawk post I know, but Thor: the Dark World is finally upon us! Those who know me know that I'm a big Thor comic book fan (not to mention Loki), but few probably know my second favorite Thor villain is Malekith the Accursed, the dark elf antagonist of this new movie. I've been keeping myself in media silence for a long time and I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

Speaking of Marvel movies, I also just read this news item about Marvel doing a series of 4 made-for-Netflix shows using B-list heroes such as Daredevil and Luke Cage that will culminate into a Defenders team up show ala the Avengers movie set. Sounds exciting. first Agents of Shield, now this. DC comics take notice!


Dyvers said...

Seriously? They're going to be doing a Defenders show?

Man I loved that comic more than my Brother back in the day.

Greyhawk Grognard said...

Apparently the November 19th episode of Agents of SHIELD will tie in with the new Thor movie as well.

Mystic Scholar said...

All good in my book! Can't wait to see them!

Mark Morrison said...