Thursday, December 5, 2019

Upcoming Greyhawk Events at GaryCon XII

Hello fellow Greyhawk fans! Today I'm giving an early preview of some Greyhawk events that will be available at GaryCon XII on March 26-29 at Lake Geneva, WI. Note, that registration for all events and games does not begin until February, but keep an eye out because they sell out fast. As for Greyhawk related events be sure to sign up for these four seminars:

Fantasy Cartography with Anna B. Meyer (Friday at 10 am)
This seminar is hosted by Anna Meyer, professional fantasy cartographer and co-host of Legends & Lore. Anna's Greyhawk Atlas is world renowned and in this seminar she will share her experience and answer questions on making maps.

Greyhawk Online: Creating & Sharing in the World of Greyhawk (Friday 1 pm)
This seminar is put on by W. Kristoph Nolen. It showcases the fansite Greyhawk Online, ezine Oerth Journal and wiki The Great Library of Greyhawk. All attendees get a printed copy of the OJ magazine!

Celebrating Greyhawk: A Fandom Renaissance (Friday at 3 pm)
This seminar is the second annual celebration of Greyhawk hosted by fans (including myself) who have been integral in sharing content and organizing the community. Be sure to come hang out and share stories, ask questions and see what news is happening in the Greyhawk community.

DMs Roundtable-Streaming and Technology in D&D (Saturday at 10 am)
This seminar is paneled by experienced game streamers Jay Scott (Lord Gosumba channel), James Duffie, Frank Schumacher and Carlos Lising. They will cover the ins and outs of streaming and RPGs.

If you plan on attending Gary Con be sure to at least track one or more of these events or possibly sign up for one of their convention games (times to be determined). We love to meet other Greyhawk fans so don't be shy, stop in and join in the celebration.

Update 06/27/2021: Alas, the COVID pandemic cancelled this event. I really was looking forward to meeting Jay Scott, and all my Greyhawk panel friends from the previous year. Maybe in 2022...

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