Monday, March 29, 2021

Cultists Cultists and More Cultists!

Welcome Greyhawkers! It's a good day because I have new comics! Everyone's favorite characters from my old Greyhawk comic strips is the Cultists of Tharizdun. Man those two have had some wacky adventures. Well, one of my idle projects has been producing more Cultist comic strips, but the caveat is that these comics are what I term "Dinosaur Comics". No not because the subject is old, because they pay homage to the long running webcomic of the same name that uses recycled art each episode and instead changes the text. Lazy yes, but it's genius as well. Below is some of my new Cultist strips, you'll quickly notice they are numbered. Someday I'll have a full-run of them, but for now the rest you'll have to discover in the pages of Oerth Journal each issue, starting with the first two strips featured in OJ #34. Until then, enjoy the comics!


BenS said...

Always liked your comics, so glad they're back. Though the same poses might wear thin after a while =:-)

Mike Bridges said...

BenS: Thanks haha. Well yes, it does limit what kind of interactions they have, but if it's just talking heads? That's comic strips for ya!

Adam A Thompson said...