Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Revisiting: Ull Encounter Chart

Greetings Greyhawkers! In conjunction with our Legends & Lore stream I am taking another look at my Canonfire article from 2005 on Random Encounters in Ull. I am reposting the article as is, because the formatting on the original article is unreadable, so I tried to clean it up for the blog. Enjoy, and be sure to also check out the linked article to the blink camprat below!

mortellan writes "The World of Greyhawk’s encounter tables vary throughout the editions due to many factors including differing authors and sweeping campaign events. It is no surprise then that unwary adventurers have been given inaccurate statistical information on what they can expect to encounter in the harsh region of Ull. Tragically many deaths and untold fortunes could have been saved if but for a percentage point or two. This is a modest attempt to bring all Ull editions together into an updated contemporary source."

Random Encounters in Ull

N. Ull Plains        S. Ull Escarpment       Encounter*

01-02                    -                                     Camprats (1)                 
-                            01-02                             Ghouls (2)
03-04                    03-04                             Halflings (3)
05-10                    05-14                             Herd Animals                    
11-15                    15-20                             Humanoids
16-20                    21-25                             Men, Bandits
-                            26                                  Men, Dervishes (4)
21-30                    27-36                             Men, Herders
31-40                    37-46                             Men, Merchants (5)
41-50                    47-56                             Men, Nomads (6)
51-56                    57-61                             Men, Slavers (7)
-                            62-66                             Men, Tribesmen (8)
57-61                    67-71                             Patrol, Men, Warband
62-65                    72-74                             Wild Horses
66-00                    75-00                             Use Standard Tables

Ulsprue      W. Barrier Peaks                   Encounter*
-                            01-07                             Giants, Hill
-                            08-12                             Giants, Stone
01-08                    13-27                             Humanoids (9)
09-15                    -                                     Men, Nomads
16-31                    28-43                             Men, Tribesmen (8)
32-46                    44-48                             Ogres (10)
47-53                    49-55                             Special (11)
54-00                    56-00                             Use Standard Tables

* Based on encounter descriptions from the World of Greyhawk Glossography and Monster Manuals.
(1) See Greyhawk Adventures for details. In addition, 5% of camprats here will actually be Kund, also known as blink camprats.
(2) Ghouls are said to prowl the fringes of Kester by night..
(3) Halflings are mainly found in Uli towns and typically share their customs and venal dispositions.
(4) Will always be mystical devotees in the service of the Mahdi of the Steppes.
(5) Daring caravans from the northern Baklunish states are typically bound for Kester a trade nexus with the nomads of the Dry Steppes.
(6) Double standard encounter numbers for nomads in the Northern Plains.
(7) Southern slaving bands search for Yorodhi tribesmen and humanoids while the northern slavers capture Paynim nomads.
(8) Civilized Yorodhi hillmen (Oerid) normally except in the Ulsprues where they are instead less civilized ogre-blooded men (Baklunish).
(9) Humanoids migrating and foraging into the lowlands. It is not uncommon for smaller bands of orcs and half orcs to function in Ull society.
(10) Ogres include many half-ogres and also ogre magi within the Ulsprue Mountains.
(11) Special Ulsprue 1d6: 1-2=Minotaur, 3=Manticore, 4=Chimera, 5=Troll, 6=Giant-kin, Fomorian. Special West Barrier 1d4: 1= Dwarves, 2=Troll, 3=Wyvern, 4=Men, Slavers

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