Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New: Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane

What with all the 5e talk I wouldn't be surprised to see a fall off of readership for new 4e modules in Dungeon. Maybe, maybe not. However, I have to carry on and inform you of anything Greyhawk related coming out of Wizards. As I reported back in December, Wizards' Chris Perkins has been working on a 4e version of the Against the Giants series started by Gary Gygax back in 1978 with Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. His second offering in the series is actually an original story however! Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane is a cleverly written episode that fits right in with the rest of the three giant modules. Apologies in advance, but as you know, you will need a D&DI subscription to download this lengthy, colorful module.

Mr. Perkins writes:
"The series pitted characters against hill giants, frost giants, and fire giants, but stone giants got the short end of the stick. This adventure gives stone giants their moment to shine."

Fans of Greyhawk will be comforted to know the module is set in the foothills of the Crystalmist Mountains, in an intriguing new location called Howling Crag. As you would expect, Warrens of the Giant Thane is chock full of giants, elemental monsters and plenty of minor side quests that make this anything but a simple hack and slash adventure. If you are running a Greyhawk campaign involving the old G-series it is definitely worth the download just for this unique stone giant themed storyline.

Update 4/30/2021: You will have to purchase this original 4E module off DMsGuild. I changed the link in the article.


Rory Klein said...

Thanks for the reminder Mort ... Any further development with prequel to Temple of Elemental Evil that Wizards announced last year?

Argon said...

Yeah no DDI but it seems Chris is trying to keep the Greyhawk flame ever-burning.