Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unique Greyhawk Magic Items

Ut oh! Evidently the Drow
got their hands on this!
I don't know why, but these items intrigued me the other day when I came across the cards for my old copy of Greyhawk Wars. Over at the Canonfire forums, I posted a challenge to develop these unique named items that so far exist only to influence the board game events of Greyhawk Wars. As this boxed set should technically be canon for Greyhawk, this is a rare opportunity for someone looking for a Greyhawk topic to write about. I'd love to do it, but come on, I got enough on my plate! I'm cross-posting here to see if anyone else but me remembers seeing these items before:

Bowl of Storms (game card power: apply a +2 strength bonus to one sea unit in battle)

Rary's Bulls-Eye Bow (card power: cause 1 automatic hit on an enemy at the start of battle) 

Drawmij's Dagger (card power: essentially identical to Rary's Bow) 

Bigby's Bottled Breath (card power: make 1 free STR 3 attack on each enemy unit before battle) !

Gloves of the Paladin (card power: heal one hit suffered by one unit) 

Dura's Deadly Poison (card power: flip one hero to its activated side)


Valkaun_Dain said...

Valkaun Dain (card power: summon barbarian horde to sack and burn one southern city.)

Mike Bridges said...

Valkaun: You kid! But I could make that card happen! GH Wars came with blank cards if I remember right.

Jason Zavoda said...

So, what does Bigby's breath smell like?

Mike Bridges said...

Give his knack for hand spells, you'd expect this to be a stink palm or something!

Argon said...

Some of these can be easily adapted to actual personal items. Other items would be good for naval combat or scenarios.

Bowl of storms could be converted to Mast of Storms. Any vessel fitted with this items is granted a +10 bonus to any saves or adverse effects caused by natural and magical weather effects.