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Furyondy-Iuz War Map, Part 2

Welcome back Greyhawkers! If you are just coming into this 3-part epic post on my 1990's 2E war campaign, go back and read PART 1 to see the background of why and how I'm doing this. When you are all caught up, then pick up here on Part 2. Quick reminder, I am using earthly months because it was easier to reference back then. Second, the solid line is the battle front at the start of summer 628 CY, which corresponds to the end of the account in Part 1. Third, this time you'll notice the red line, this was a special mission undertaken by player characters in the middle of the war backdrop. Lastly, you'll need to click on the map to see the information at full size. This map was traced on notebook paper back in the day and originally, I never intended to display this online. But here we are! Now, back to the ongoing war between Iuz and Furyondy!

Map 2 Click to Enlarge
Map 2 (June 628- Brewfest 628)

Richfest 628: Master thief Palinestin cons his brother Alinolis and friend Rando into helping him rob Greyhawk City Treasury.
July (wk 1): Furyondyian provinces call up more levies to the front lines. Iuz's priesthood animates more undead at the Razing Line then march the horde east toward the Flare Line.
July (wk 2): Massacre at Crying Spear Keep. Demonic assassins sent by Xenvelen kill everyone, by night a orc warband holds the keep. (Iuz gain) Losses 40 fiends vs. 400 inf, 200 hv cav, 8 spellcasters.
July (wk 3): Skirmishes in Vesve. Highfolk forces turn back a huge warband. (No gains) Losses 400 losel, 400 orc vs. 200 elf.
July (wk 4): Morsten and Fendrelan Raids. (No gains) Losses 400 orc, 20 giant, 400 undead vs. 600 pike, 400 hv inf. Archmage Mayor of Greyhawk, Mortellan meets with leaders of Furyondian alliance.
August (wk 1): Heroes slay Boneheart leader Vayne in Admuntford. He is immediately replaced by Waquonis. Iuz moves reinforcements from Dorakaa to reinforce Xenvelen at Flare Line. General Blood given command of Kendragund Army from Howling Hills.
August (wk 2): Fall of Castle Ehlenestra. Key guardian of the west ruined by a force of undead and fiends. (Iuz gain) Losses 600 undead, 6 spellcasters, 20 fiends vs. 200 archer and Sharnalem herself is slain.
August (wk 3): Redoubt and Spinecastle Besieged. (No gains) Losses 600 orc, 9 spellcasters, 400 human, 20 fiend vs. 400 inf, 200 pike, 200 lt cav, 200 archer.
August (wk 4): No movement. Siege continues.
September (wk 1): No movement. Siege continues.
September (wk 2): No movement. Siege continues. 
September (wk 3): Flare Line Collapses. Alliance of Good retreats over Crystal River. Spinecastle, Greatwall, Moatshield and Redoubt are lost. (Iuz gain) Losses 2200 undead, 40 spellcaster, 400 human, 20 fiend vs. 2000 inf, 200 hv inf, 600 archer, 8 spellcaster, 400 pike, 400 lt cav. Artur Jakartai and Baron Kalinstren are slain.
September (wk 4): Iuz forces consolidate and move south. Raid on Timeless Tree in Vesve. (No gains). Losses 20 giant, 200 orc vs, few casualties.
Brewfest: Siege of Chendl. Destruction of Cerenellyl's Towers. Morsten and Fendrelan Overrun. (Iuz gains) Losses 1000 orc, 20 fiend, 20 spellcaster vs. 1000 inf, 200 archer. Meetign at Timeless Tree between powerful mages including Mordenkainen, Philidor and Mortellan. Heroes sent and rescue Patriarch Riggby from the Land of Iuz.

Commentary: Wow this campaign is bleak. As I re-read my accounts and retype them I vaguely recall the severity of these battles as much as the special missions that my players undertook. I am sure that the deaths of Sharnalem, Kalinstren, etc. were not a big deal to my players as much as the sidetrek to take out Vayne or rescuing figures like Earl Holmer or Riggby. 
There was definitely two or three separate games going on simultaneously here. One, the wargame I was conducting week by week (including rolling for weather or other events). I don't think the players had control over these maneuvers except to play out the rolls, otherwise Furyondy would have been on the offense rather than defense. That's how players are after all. 
The second game was old high level characters, like my friend Brian's wizard Mortellan. He was running Greyhawk back then, and we had got into the political realm using a lot of conniving and deal-making with big name NPCs like Mordenkainen, Philidor and more, but it's clear Mortellan was only interested in defending Greyhawk, or his family home of Highfolk as he never directly got involved (typical of archmagi). His meeting in Furyondy was probably to profit off the losing war effort. That's how he was played!
Speaking of which, the sidetrek of robbing the treasury was likely one of these conniving plots I devised to punish Mortellan by using the third game as pawns.
The third game was the active adventuring characters at this time period, the Brotherhood (Brothers in Arms) led by elven wizard Alinolis and halfling rogue Rando Wiggins. This group was based in Greyhawk, had their own Adventurers Guildhall and even had a Rugby team. They were however very instrumental in the behind the war sorties against Iuz. I don't recall who slew Vayne, whether it was Mortellan or the Brothers in Arms. My guess it was the latter. 
I am not sure General Blood is a published NPC from Iuz the Evil. I think this was a villain made specifically for this campaign, possibly from one of my player's backstories, to be a foil of the Brothers in their Iuz missions. He ends up leading a massive army against the Vesve.
It's interesting to me today that I used Philidor at all. I was in love with everything Carl Sargent wrote for Greyhawk in 2E, and this mysterious blue wizard was a benefactor I thought would have long lasting implications down the road for the World of Greyhawk. Boy was I wrong! 

Tune in soon for Part 3. The war gets even more grim-dark, just the way Sargent liked it.

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