Saturday, August 8, 2020

Community Project: Touring the Flanaess

Hail Greyhawkers! Over at fan site Canonfire! there is a new community project starting up on the forums that looks rather fun and informative, called Touring the Flanaess. Started by Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos), this project is a series of half-page write-ups on each nation (or city) in the Flanaess, providing a digestible amount of published setting information and suggestions for DMs who are perhaps unfamiliar with all the World of Greyhawk so they can pick the right locations for their own campaigns. Head over to the Canonfire! forums now and have a look at some of the Touring the Flanaess articles already submitted (some by longtime authors of the site).

If you are interested in joining in on this remarkable community project, read the rules at the top of the forum and then go here to contact Longetalos and reserve a country. There are plenty of places remaining. Good luck and enjoy!

Update 06/27/2021: This collected project has a map page linked to these articles called Post Cards from the Flanaess. Link added above.

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