Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ring of Five Questions: Round 2

Greetings Greyhawk mavens. As you may have seen in the previous post, I am bringing back my fun, community driven Ring of Five Questions column. I've had some initial interest on the blog and on Facebook. Unlike my original Ring of Five interviews, in round one I enjoyed riffing on the respondent's answers. I'm going to keep it going this week since I like interacting with Greyhawk fans from all over.

If you're coming into this column for the first time, go back and check out this link to the previous Return of the Ring of Five Questions post and then email me at with your responses, I am still taking more entries! Now let's enter the Ring and see how this next group fares. This round is three Greyhawk enthusiasts, Darrell Rasdall, David Farris and Stefanos "netlich" Patelis. Enjoy!

Q1. What is your favorite realm or region in the World of Greyhawk setting?
Darrell: Nyrond, good nation on the brink of annihilation.
David: Keoland
Stefanos: Bone March

Darrell must be a fan of the Marklands. Such a good source, especially paired with Iuz the Evil. David can't go wrong with Keoland. I hope he uses the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. Stefanos though likes to play rough, Spinecastle and Bone March is not for the weak.
Q2. If you could actually be one Greyhawk deity which one would it be?
Darrell: Olidammara, because he's fun.
David: Murlynd (it didn't say no Hero/Quasi deities)
Stefanos: Vecna

I mentioned in the last installment that Olid would be fun to have a drink with, but Murlynd would be great to travel with! Old West style of course, on horseback. Yes, I DO accept deities of any level. Lastly, I must explain to you readers, that Stefanos is the Netlich, so OF COURSE he emulates Vecna the god of secrets!

Q3. You have one wish. Which Greyhawk module or accessory would you do over or fix?
Darrell: The Scarlet Brotherhood, it just never felt right with me.
David: Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pits.
Stefanos: I would flood the market with infinite "return to the/ the return of the/return to/ Hommlet and ToEE (Temple of Elemental Evil)" (I can't get enough of that module/supermodule)

I never ran Q1, but I can imagine a revision would make it even better than it's generally considered by fans. Yes the Scarlet Brotherhood as a nation needs a mulligan on the Greyhawk Wars in my opinion, whereas the accessory by Sean Reynolds was remarkable in its treatment of the jungles, but the secret org itself felt "off" to me. Stefanos again cracks me up with his insatiable need for TOEE. How about less vampire Thrommels though?

Q4: You're putting together an all-star Greyhawk NPC group. Who is your number one pick?
Darrell: Gord, of course.
David: Quij the Orc Hero.
Stefanos: It's a tie between Tenser and Melf.

Melf is an elf who uses acid arrows. Easy choice right? David picks Quij, oh my. I used to draw him AND Tenser in the Castle Greyhawk web comic series written by Scott Casper. Check it out. Gord on the other hand, it's a TRAVESTY Gygax's novel hero was not seen in the game setting. It is nice to see some non-wizard choices so far in these questionnaires.

Q5. If you could possess one artifact or relic from Greyhawk lore, which would it be?
Darrell: Invulnerable Coat of Arnd.
David: The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd.
Stefanos: The Cup and/or Talisman of Al Akbar.

LOL wow, Arnd's coat seems very popular. It's like picking a super power, who wouldn't want to be invulnerable to damage? Add a Ring of Regeneration and the Razor Claws of Chakyik (Greyhawk Adventures) and you'd be Wolverine! Stefanos finishes off this Ring of Five with a sensible answer, one of the artifacts of al'Akbar. Though if he was Vecna in real life, I'm sure that artifact would reject him! Can't trust those netliches!

That's all for now. More next time!


netlich said...

If my comments cracked you up what can I say about your tak eon them. I am still laughing :D

But one thing of note is that if I was indeed the Master of the Spider Throne (or one of his lost organs, now fully formed and sentient) I would most definitely not be admitting it, e?

Mike Bridges said...

netlich: I'm happy the feeling is mutual. I will of course leave you to your lichly secrets from now on ;)