Monday, December 6, 2010

Anna's Greyhawk Maps

Anna Bernemalm, demigoddess of cartography has been on a quest to research and map the entire Flanaess section by section, for several years now. After a short hiatus she is back in business with new tech and a new attitude, according to this post on the Canonfire! forums

The home of her Atlas of the Flanaess project is Check it out.

Anna also has a new public Facebook group tied to her mapping project. Come help support her efforts!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I am glad to see that you've promo'd Anna! She is indeed our Demi-goddess of Cartography! I hope she keeps her promise to stick with her map making for the next two years! Meaning that I hope "life" doesn't suddenly get in her way. ;)

Mystic Scholar