Saturday, December 25, 2010

Greyhawk Comic #301: Merry Needfest!

Pictured: Graz'zt's package.
Merry Needfest, Greyhawk friends! Ol' Mortellan has come through at the last hour yet again to slip down your internet chimney and put a new Greyhawk comic under your virtual tree. This year's Needfest Special continues the tradition of evil-themed holiday fun. Yes, the denizens of the Underdark and the Lower Planes know how to celebrate too! Have fun reading, and everyone enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Nice to know your imagination hasn't gone dry, Mort. Looking forward to next year!

I know that rewording all of those Needfest songs takes some real effort on your part. Thanks on all our behalves.

Mystic Scholar

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dude! You are a Quadruple Threat!, You write, you draw, you blog, and even write your own lyrics! Look out!

Mike Bridges said...

Mystic- Yeah it gets harder every year to parody funny Christmas songs into Greyhawk lyrics. All I have left are Christian hymns and carols. Not so easy to do there.
Grol: I've never been called a quadruple threat. Thanks! Now if I could only do Flash animation I'd be unstoppable!

VictorVonDave said...

Maybe I'm demented but I can't get enough of that Jubilex jive!