Thursday, December 16, 2010

Greyhawk Comic #300 Cultists Revealed!

For the Dark Lord!

The Cultist Saga ends this week with my milestone 300th comic. Identities will be revealed and the tale of two notable Greyhawk NPCs will be brought to a proper conclusion. If you haven't read my comic before, check out the comic links on this blog and catch up on 40 issues of wild, over-the-top Cultist schemes.


scottsz said...

Many, many congratulations on your 300th.

You keep alive the sense of fun I used to have reading Dragon magazine back in the day.

Mike Bridges said...

Thanks scottsz! To be compared to old school Dragon Magazine is an honor. I derived alot of inspiration from your Tharizdun articles for my finale. Thanks for your hard work as well.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on reaching the big number 300!

Lets see, what other comics have had 300+ issues?
Mickey Mouse
Cerebus the Aardvark
Judge Dredd
Detective Comics
Amazing Spider-Man
Fantastic Four
Iron Man

Hmm, fairly illustrious company..

So who didn't make it.....

TSR & DC's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Forgotten Realms (also from TSR & DC)
Spawn (from Todd Mcfarlane)
Suicide Squad (sign me up!)
Justice League Europe
The Post Brothers
Savage Henry

Hey some of them were pretty good too! I guess commitment and a good sense of humor can go a long way!

I'll be sad to see your production rate drop, but never did understand how you could keep that pace and still have a job and a life.....

Mike Bridges said...

Great post Grol. Thanks. I'm not sure being compared to full page count comics counts. You'd have to compare me to comic strips. Most of those in newspapers of course would blow me out of the water, but if you compare me to other D&D comic strips I blow most of THOSE out of the water. If only Wormy had lasted 300 issues...could you imagine?
The pace was maintained by having a cake night job and a good audience that pushed me to make more art. Still true!

Unknown said...

Don't be so quick to sell yourself short. Full page count was sometimes as low as only 10 pages (Cerebus the Aardvark (and that was black & white on top of that)), and all of the above only had to produce one issue a month. And don't forget, this was a full time profession for the artists involved in the creation of all the works on my list. They had teams as well. Writers, pencillers, colorists, inkers, and editorial staff at the big companies. Your body of work (while definately appealing to a small niche audience) is none the less consistently good and has heart. Something often missing from mass produced (and consumed) media. I know I am thankful for having access to your vision on this material that I have known for years. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Cultists have come to the end of the line, but brother, it was one heck of a ride!


VictorVonDave said...

Nice job! 300 of anything is impressive (hey, you can hold off a persian army). 300 consistently funny comics I look forward to every week - priceless.

BTW I was totally stumped on the cultists' identities. I was convinced it was Thrommel until the bow comment.

Anonymous said...

Well done. I was way off in the identities of both cultists. Way. Off.