Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sea of Death (Gary Gygax 1987)

A month or so ago I found a copy of Gygax's Sea of Death in a used bookstore. This is one of many Greyhawk related novels he put out after leaving TSR and taking the character of "Gord" with him. Many of these books I still have never found, and I've purposefully neglected to hunt them down online, instead making it a life-quest to find them the hard way. I haven't read Sea of Death as of yet, but I know from a bit of google research that it is about the ongoing quest for the Theopart artifacts of Tharizdun, and features such familiar places as the "Ashen Desert". It also includes notable Greyhawk NPCs like the drow priestess Eclavdra and Graz'zt, prince of demons.
If anyone has read this book, give me a review here (good, bad or indifferent) and I'll be happy to read it.


Greyhawk Grognard said...

I've got dupes of a lot of the paperbacks if you're interested, Mort...

Anonymous said...

I'd give it a 3 out of 5.
Sea of Death, Come Endless Darkness, & Dance of Demons is the real trilogy here.

City of Hawks is Gord's early history.
Night Errant is a collection of short stories.
Saga of Old City & Artifact of Evil are the prequels leading to Sea of Death, where rather than fate seems to be pulling Gord along, its revealed that events are being shaped by other powers that be.

All-in-all, a good read.


Mike Bridges said...

Joseph: I'll keep that in mind, maybe a trade could be made.

Grendlewulf: Cool. Yeah I only have SoOC and AoE, so I'm sorely lacking, might have to take Jospeh up on that offer!

Michael said...

I've all of the Gord the Rogue books, I've always like them though the very last one always left me feeling as if it were rushed. Loved the City of Hawks, read that one several times.

Unknown said...

Well, Mort, I dug out my copy of Sea of Death for a quick skim, and must say I generally agree with Grendelwulf's assessment above. None of these were exactly "great works of art", but they certainly are fascinating for the Greyhawk fan! They provide perhaps the best window into some of the underpinnings of many subsequent products based upon this source material. I mean where would this very blog be without crazy Tharizdun cultist's looking to free their dark lord?

Anonymous said...

Grol said: "I mean where would this very blog be without crazy Tharizdun cultist's looking to free their dark lord?"

Up the proverbial creek without a paddle? LOL

I only have SoOC myself. I'm hunting the others the old fashion too! Not much luck, so far.

Mystic Scholar