Monday, December 20, 2010

Attack of the Scrap Maps: Part 2

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Okay, as promised last week here is my next scrap map, the Population Density of the Former Great Kingdom map. This of course from 2nd edition after the Greyhawk Wars using their facts, figures and political boundary lines. The key which I cut off in the scanning goes as thus, colors are in human population per 30 mile hex:

Light Blue 1000-4000 ppl/hex; Blue 4000-7000 ppl/hex; Midnight Blue 7000-10,000 ppl/hex; Purple 10,000-13,000 ppl/hex; Yellow-Orange 14,000-17,000 ppl/hex; Yellow 18,000-21,00 ppl/hex; Orange 21,000-24,000 ppl/hex; Dark Red 25,000-30,000 ppl/hex; Red 31,000-50,000 ppl/hex; Magenta 51,000-60,000+ ppl/hex

As we can see (though I haven't labeled any cities or states, my bad) the major densities are in Aerdy's cities with the eastern coast dominated by the metropolitan city of Rel Astra (57,000 if I read my chicken scratches right) The major concentration of the Great Kingdom's vast population is in the central lands between the South Province (United Kingdom of Ahlissa) and the North Province (Great Northern Kingdom) around cities such as Delaric, Rel Deven, Jalpa, Kalstrand and so forth. I'd love to do a similar map someday using Living Greyhawk Gaz figures (c.591CY) though I don't suppose the densities would change only the higher totals. I have other horrid looking maps to dredge up until then, so beware!


Anonymous said...

More of the "good stuff!" Keep it coming, Mort. Wish I could have been there to game with you.


Boz Shulun said...

Mort's attention to detail is what makes him so good.

Throughout the years he has never ceased to amaze me with his ability to squeeze so much into his stories without making it feel cluttered.

He is a true master.

--- Boz

Mike Bridges said...

Thanks Mystic, maybe I'll run something online some day.
Boz, that's a great compliment! I wish we had more time these days to game, so much of the glory years of Greyhawk where we built up these stories and scrap maps was spent playing marathon sessions. I guess there's always retirement! ;P