Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Attack of the Scrap Maps: Part 1

For a long time now I've wanted to share some of my old Greyhawk campaign maps, which I affectionately call "scrap maps" because well, they were usually drawn on crumpled notebook paper with colored pencils. While they were well researched often they looked like the ravings of a mad man to the non-gaming eye. These two maps in particular I am very proud of for their subject matter and the fact they have survived the ravages of time. Now they are scanned for your curiosity:

The first is my Flanaess Population Density Map. It was made around 2nd edition, most likely using the borders and population stats in From the Ashes. How I came about the density figures is not perfectly scientific. I vaguely recall counting up the number of hexes in each nation and dividing that into the human population figures given. So yes, the colors correspond to population per 30 mile hex. In all cases, figures for a major city like Greyhawk City count for the entire the hex it is in. In case you can't read the key, it goes like this:

Light Blue 100-1000 ppl/hex; Blue 1000-2000 ppl/hex; Dark Blue 2000-4000 ppl/hex; Midnight Blue 4000-7000 ppl/hex; Purple 8000-10,000 ppl/hex; Dark Purple 11,000-13,000 ppl/hex; Red 14,000-17,000 ppl/hex; Orange 18,000-21,000 ppl/hex;  Yellow-Orange 22,000-24,000 ppl/hex; Yellow 25,000-30,000 ppl/hex; Green 31,000-50,000 ppl/hex; Dark Green 51,000-60,000+ ppl/hex

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You'll notice above that not alot of those colors are used, except to color in a small dot that denotes a city. Not surprisingly the Great Kingdom (or constituent parts) is the most colorful part of the Flanaess, which ends up quite blue overall. So after seeing this obvious fact in graphic form, I decided one day to zoom in on the Great Kingdom with another scrap map! (Coming soon)


scottsz said...

Loving it!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing the "early days" work of WoG fans. Thanks for sharing with us, Mort.


Anonymous said...

Mort. This site looks pretty cool. I need to poke around. I was looking for the W.O.G. you did on Nakimas.