Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Greyhawk Article, Maps and D&DNext

Ahoy, fellow Greyhawkers! Time for me to catch up on things going on in the community:

First off, over at Greyhawk fansite, Canonfire, we have a new article up entitled Tragedy and The Grey Friar. This is the third article from the ominus author Dark Lord Galen. In this piece he presents a bit of fiction, a local fable, then some good St. Cuthbertian lore to tie it all together for your home campaign. This article is a quick and leisurely read, so check it out!

Next up is a report on the completion of Greyhawk Grognard's whirlwind tour of Western Oerik for his "Beyond the Flanaess" hex map project. His last leg rounded the Barbarian Seameast and connects with the desert lands of Erypt. To cap it all off Mr. Bloch has also created an easy compressed file download holding all the maps in the series. Well done Joe! I can't wait to see where he goes from here.

Lastly and no less important is my obligatory post about Wizard's open playtest for D&DNext. Most blogs I follow (which tend to be the old school leaning) are speaking favorably about these rules so far. It shouldn't be too hard to find online, a heap of commentary and hardcore analysis on the playtest materials, so I'll leave that to the rest. My own home campaign uses 3.x core books with touches of older editions so I'm guessing my players will probably react favorably to these playtest rules. I'm also signed up to play in a D&DNext game at Gencon in August, so that'll be interesting. We shall see. More on the rules to follow once I get with my gang about it. To those in the states, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Update 05/07/2021: I removed the link to Joe Bloch's BtF map series, because its not currently hosted on his new site. Keep checking or send him an email if you'd like to inquire about this map (teased in the cartoon above).


Greyhawk Grognard said...

LOL! Thanks-- my own Greyhawk comic.

Mike Bridges said...

Yer welcome! When I saw that white space in the corner of the map I couldn't resist. :P