Monday, May 7, 2012

Greyhawk: Thillonria Ho!

As I reported last week, mapping guru Anna Meyer has been burning her way along the icy north east of the Flanaess, sweeping around the Thillonria Peninsula to cover the lands of the Ice and Snow Barbarians for her Atlas of the Flanaess. Download map sections 24, 25, 38 and 39 for a better look at her most recently finished pieces. Also, here is a pic she posted to Canonfire of an overview of the entire peninsula before extras touches are added:

Keeping on the topic of Thillonria, it's only fitting I help spread around the latest work Greyhawk Grognard has been doing on Greyhawk heraldry. Among his reproductions posted today are the heraldic shields of the Frost, Ice and Snow Barbarians.

While I'm at it, here is some assorted resources on Thillonria. All these fan authored articles can be found at Canonfire:

Update 05/07/2021: Had to remove broken links to Anna's individual maps. Trust me, her newer run is much better.


Black Vulmea said...

Anna Meyer joined us as SoCal MiniCon last summer - she's a hoot as well as a very gifted digital artist.

Mike Bridges said...

Wicked! I hope Anna can attend Gencon someday, I'd love to meet her too.