Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Article: Return of the Spider Queen, Part 2

"A final confrontation awaits Aalas in the Fane of Tiamat but the awakening of a powerful evil seems inevitable whether he wins or loses......."

Over at the Greyhawk fansite, Canonfire! is the second episode by Flint in his action packed fiction series, Return of the Spider Queen. This time we pick up where we left off, Aalas and company are still dealing with hobgoblins, wraiths and worse, Azarr Kul. Read and enjoy!

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Mystic Scholar said...

Thanks once again for drawing your readers' attentions to one of our burgeoning authors, Mort. We at Canonfire! really appreciate that.

For those who may be interested, the story of Aalas and company begins with the story "The Red Hand of Doom" and then continues in the first installment of the "Spider Queen" saga; both stories can be found archived in the "Campaign Journals & General Online Play" forum at Canonfire!

Flint is telling the story from the 4e point of view, the story being based upon a campaign of his. Flint shows real promise as a story teller and we here at Canonfire! are all looking forward to reading more of his tales and Aalas' adventures.

So again, thanks much, Mort!