Monday, January 16, 2012

Fiction: By Steel & Spell

It's been quite active since the holidays and to that end I've slacked on posting updates on new Greyhawk fiction at Canonfire! As I will be taking over duties for posting new articles there sometime this year, I need to get on the ball now. Catching back up, here is the first three episodes of a new series by prolific Canonfire member MasterArminas, entitled By Steel & Spell. This series should be of special interest to any fans of a certain realm of horror. MasterArminas writes:

"In the northern reaches of the Timberway Forest, an ancient evil is growing stronger.  Old friends -- once separated -- must now come together to battle and defeat this malevolent presence . . . once and for all!"

"Journey with them now as they travel to confront the menace growing within the halls of a once-great castle; a castle now as ruined and corrupt as its inhabitants."

Catch up to the first three episodes now!
By Steel & Spell (Part 1)

By Steel & Spell (Part 2)

By Steel & Spell (Part 3)

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