Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sea Princes #20: All Work And No Play...

A week ago, the heroic privateers of the Bird of Prey got acquainted with the curse of Captain Rennaud and the true reason why he seeks the Well of All Heals, and also the female crew (led by Captain "Jet" Cassidy) of their new sister ship, Osprem's Kiss. Surely nothing bad can come of this partnership. Let's find out:

Victor Emmitt Hammond (rogue, moves quicker)
Araxo Tydan (rogue, talks slicker)
Cuahtehmoc aka "Cuahto" (ranger, high kicker)
Brother Pickles (cleric, pocket picker?)
and Henri Morgan (rogue, can't hold liquor)
guest starring Gunther Stahl (fighter, likes to bicker)

Setting their course from the Pomarj, south-by-southwest the two ships initially suffered through a few days of lagging wind and lagging workers. Bosun Hammond found one of his scurvy crewmen, Dick "Tater" sleeping on the job and hurled him into the water much to the entertainment of all (he was dragged and messed with). On another day, piloted by Sasha DirkOsprem's Kiss decided to test the skills of the Bird and pushed ahead of their ship at full sail. The taunts and challenges to the men ensued as they slipped alongside. Lt Tydan would have none of that and verbally lashed his crew into racing the larger carrack until it regained the lead position. Spirits were up, rum was passed around. Handsome Griff Aldagar made a bet with Henri Morgan that he could bed the wily Sasha Dirk first. A good time was had by all.

The next two days was rewarded with churling storms and high winds, and no frivolity. Lord Key stayed below deck and there his cousin Lt. Tydan began to put ideas into his head about winning some of the crew to his side instead of bullying them, that perhaps he could even take over as both master and captain if Rennaud showed any weakness. Key mulled this over as they arrived at the "Hook", the cape of the Amedio Jungle, where laid the port of Fort Blackwell. This was the crew's second time in Blackwell and as resupplying efforts were underway (Griff had to work), the officers and their friends headed for a familiar place to unwind, the Rusty Nail, ran by Araxo's prospective business partner Al Swerengen.

At the Nail, they found the brooding Sasha Dirk and the ostentatious quartermaster of Osprem's Kiss, Half Pint Moira already starting into the local spirits. Pushing two tables together, they sat with the men and began to chatter away. Moira, a Ratikan by birth, was intrigued by the Rhennee, Gunther Stahl and they talked of more temperate lands. Cuahto learned the magic dagger crafted by Bigby that he found in the eye of an orc zombie belonged to Sasha Dirk when she showed it's matching blade. She relented to let the Olman keep it for luck, finder's rights. Then Lord Key walked in. He invited himself to their party, ordered both tables an expensive bottle of Greenman Rum (10 g.p. per). His attempts to impress those present fell flat quickly, the Rum was chugged and bottles were broken. Key could not understand how Araxo could stand such uncouth louts. Brother Pickles then made a smart yet slightly inebriated move. He walked by and stole Key's money bag. Lord Key got up in a huff and gave chase with Pickles who went running out of the bar. Knowing the cleric was touched in the brain, he didn't want to infuriate him and begged for the bag back.

As they went out in came Araxo's female swordarm, Scar Medorga. She informed Araxo that the sage-botanist wanted to see him about a jungle foraging trip for new plant species. Not in any hurry Scar sat with the rest. It was learned that Captain Cassidy had lost her ring finger long ago because she had a trist with Cpt Rennaud. Evidently her jealous husband was the feared Crimson Fleet captain, Jev "Cutthroat"  Harliss. Her ring was taken back, finger and all and she was made to walk the plank off the Malady. Left for the sharks Cassidy managed to untie herself and was later found adrift by Osprem's Kiss. She joined their ship and ever since had been a member of the Duxchan fleets. It was also learned during a respite that Sasha Dirk was always so grim because she had once been impaled in the heart by a Hepmonalander javelin and lived. Afterward her mood worsened and she began claiming half of her heart belonged to Nerull so she could never love anyone. Inadvertently, in a moment of drunkeness Scar insulted Moira about her choice of sexual partners and a scuffle began on the floor, which then boiled over to the next two tables and soon a brawl began!

A still sober Cuahto got things started as he saw Vic under attack and jumped up on the table to kick in the teeth of a young well dressed sailor. Bottles, fists and even stools were thrown. Moira and Scar still rolled on the floor. Araxo sat idle and enjoyed the spectacle as the owner served him and yelled at his staff to try harder and break it up. Pickles wandered back in from donating Lord Key's money pouch to the shrine of Osprem (where most of the Kiss' crew lingered) and quickly raged out seeing a fight. He soon had an old salty sailor pinned against the bar with a bench. Victor Hammond had the most daring maneuver of the brawl, feinting his opponent by stopping to kiss an unaware Sasha before throwing a knock-out sucker punch. This of course was followed by Sasha busting a bottle over the back of Vic's head. Once the fight ended (and Pickles was told to not attack his friends), they dragged Scar off the losing Moira and made to leave. Gunther then slyly talked Moira into proving to Scar she was wrong. The next morning, a hungover and sore crew went with Trebus on his botanical hunt ( not surprisingly they found nothing useful). All except Gunther, who for his benefit and embarrassment was found by a maid still tied up in a room at the Rusty Nail Inn that morning.

Game notes: For the short amount of time I get to run, we got alot done that night. There is nothing that gets players in the spirit quicker than a bar fight. I love when I can get an equal part action and exposition done in a session. Speaking of brawls, I'm contemplating looking into adapting the old 2e pummeling/wrestling charts to 3.5e. I used to love the random moves and stuff. I think it could come in handy with this themed campaign.


Argon said...


Bar fights can happen at any time Araxo is great. I here to drink and watch. As to the 2e charts for wrestling pummeling you take a hay maker then get bear hugged. Don't pass out.



Mike Bridges said...

Yeah that Araxo is a slick guy.

Michael said...

Wasn't there some alternate brawling rules in a dragon article too?

Mike Bridges said...

I'm sure there was, and I bet they predate the 2e rules. That's my guess though.