Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greyhawk Resolutions 2012

Here I go again...
Every year I try to reassess what I want to get accomplished Greyhawk-wise and like any resolution they aren't easy to keep. I decided this time to try comparing last year to this year and see what is realistic.

2011: Maintain 2-3 posts a week, here on Greyhawkery.
2012: Maintain 2-3 posts a week on Greyhawkery and once a week on the Canonfire Crier.
Greyhawkery was a success. So riding that high I talked the guys at Canonfire into having an official blog. Based on my blog experience and the fact my role there keeps ascending it seems I'll be doling out most of the news on Crier. I just have to balance the content of both. Oh yes, and I have a full year of trying to chase down more interviews for my popular Ring of Five Questions series (some at Gencon). I can't wait.

2011: Write more articles. 
2012: Write more articles.
Nothing new here. I sort of failed. Cutting back on the comic I anticipated writing more, which I did technically just not for Canonfire or Oerth Journal. I started a Sea Princes campaign which has been successful and some of my posts on Greyhawkery have been downright article-worthy. So, better luck net year. On the Ull front, I would like to finally publish my Ulakand Gaz. Of course by then I'd like to have a Kester Gaz to go with it. We shall see.

2011: Promote Greyhawk.
2012: Promote Greyhawk.
Success. I lead by example and promote any fan articles, blogs or Greyhawk related news here. That one is easy to keep up. The added benefit is that in 2011 I joined a gaming podcast with my friends called Gamerstable. I get ample opportunities to promote and reminisce about Greyhawk in that venue as well.

2011: Greyhawk Comic.
2012: Redesign the Greyhawk Comic page.
Fail. Well cutting back from a 1/week schedule didn't help out. I started out strong but by summer I downright took a permanent vacation, except at the end when I put out one last Needfest Special. At this point sadly I am going to have to accept the comic is done and work on a site design into an archive and categorize what 300+ comics I already have. Denis Tetreault deserves alot of respect for keeping me up and running in 2011. I may make comics time to time when something really funny hits me, but for now I would rather come up with something new. Someday.

2011: Greyhawk Fiction.
2012: Greyhawk Maps.
I utterly failed at this one. I have ideas, I even have outlines, but it's a matter of dedicating time to it and deciding on a format. On the bright side there has been a few authors at Canonfire who have stepped up and made some good Greyhawk fiction and I applaud them. For now I'm keen on a resurgence in Greyhawk mapping via Anna Meyer's Flanaess Geographic Society. Some people may also know Eric Anondson's map work from Canonfire and having him back on Greyhawk cartography has only boosted interest in the community more. Last year I did my masterpiece of mapping, the South Seas and hopefully I can modestly add something more to the movement. I'm pondering something informative like a trade route map.

(NEW) 2012: Greyhawk gaming
Speaking of the Sea Princes. My first regular Greyhawk game in years was spur of the moment and very successful in 2011. I finished one story arc 1-3rd level and hope to finish a second story arc that takes the players from 4th to 6-7th level. It's a campaign that we hope to come back to frequently over the year/s rather than run into the ground Adventure Path style.

Update 4/28/2021: Yes indeed, Greyhawkery was a success. Kester Gaz though? Still a fail!


Eric said...

I'd love to see a trade map done up. Especially if a sea routes map used the same aesthetic your south seas map used!

Argon said...


Glutton for punishment! Actually I think we all look forward to producing content or pitching in where we can. Sometimes its best to shoot for the moon and land upon the stars.

Best of Luck